Career Development Program

Career Development Program

Corporate training and development are essential contributors to increasing productivity in organizations. This is since the business world is changing rapidly and an increasing level of demands is being placed on the business professional. Additionally, companies are recognizing the need for individuals to become more creative in order to solve problems and to innovate so that they may increase productivity. Training and development courses can be used to support and encourage this process as employees discover newer and better ways of doing things.

APU’s Career Development Program is geared towards the mid to upper levels of management in an organization. There are no educational prerequisites for these courses and the tuition fee covers all text and materials as well as all costs associated with the awarding of the course diploma.

The programs are geared towards individuals whose managers see as having the potential to move up in their organizations, as well as for those who already occupy senior positions but would like the opportunity to hone and improve existing skill sets.

Program description

  • Our Career Development Program are conducted in two days (Two 8-Hour Sessions).
  • These courses may be offered online, on site, or in a virtual classroom setting.
  • Students who complete the certificate programs will be awarded a “Professional Management Certificate”.


Career Development Program
$2,500 USD per attendee.
For group rates please contact our office or your representative

Courses Offered

Business Essentials for Executives

For executives who have moved into general management or taken on greater leadership responsibility in their current role, Business Essentials for Executives program will help develop the skills needed to make key business decisions with confidence and position their company for long-term success.

Core curriculum covers traditional management disciplines with an emphasis on analytical rigor, including marketing, operations, accounting, finance, strategy, negotiations, and leadership. This essential knowledge is particularly beneficial for executives with a non-business background and those who have extensive experience within one functional area.

The six-day program also integrates this knowledge into an organization-wide perspective that will improve decisions and empower you to inspire and drive real change in your organization.

  • Read more about the Experience & Impact
  • Business Essentials Program Highlights & Benefits
  • Identify your personal negotiating style and learn how to adapt it
  • Gain business acumen to interpret financial statements and use them for decision-making
  • Gain insight into how to assess current and future strategic initiatives

Global Strategic Management

Every leader today is a change leader. Responding to a constantly changing global business environment, Global Resilient Leadership enables executives to develop a new mindset to lead in today’s competitive landscape. This program is designed to offer a new path for leaders to get ahead of market changes and successfully guide their firms into the future.

  • Global Resilient Leadership Program Highlights & Benefits
  • Manage your global strategy in a rapidly changing business environment
  • Build the confidence and skills to help you lead change initiatives
  • Develop a mindset grounded in current realities and the need for change
  • Focus on longer-term strategic growth issues
  • Better understand your competitive landscape

Assertiveness & Self Confidences
Change - Managing & Implementing
Coaching and Mentoring
Conflict Resolution
Creative Problem Solving
Customer Service
Emotional Intelligence
Human Resources Management
Interpersonal Skills
Job Search Skills
Organizational Leadership and Influence

Great leadership is a skill that must be constantly homed in order to successfully effect change in a dynamic environment. Your organization is impacted daily by fluctuations in economic and business climates all over the world. You need to evolve at the pace of this change to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

This is an executive program that takes your leadership skills to the next level by providing the real-world knowledge and decision-making skills crucial to the ongoing effectiveness of your leadership. It’s the leverage you need to lead your organization to to succeed in today’s uncertain and changing global marketplace.

This powerful, interactive curriculum will help you:

  • Discover what to keep, what to change, and what to develop in yourself as a leader
  • Distill your perspective down to the moment, the challenge, and your individual fit within it all
  • Focus on the knowledge that is pivotal to your future and that of your organization
  • Implement new ideas that will achieve measurable results

The Strategic Decision Making

Emphasizing the importance of long-term strategic decision-making, The Strategic Decision-Making program is designed to improve managers’ judgment and critical thinking skills using proven approaches, cutting-edge research, and behavioral economics.

Participants will understand the decision-making process from start to finish, with the ability to recognize cognitive biases that inhibit good decisions. This strategic decision-making program enhances participants’ capacity to make well-thought-out individual, group, and organizational decisions.

  • Read more about the Experience & Impact
  • Strategic Decision-Making Program Highlights & Benefits
  • Make decisions in a dynamic of uncertainty
  • Build adaptability into your decisions
  • Provide the leadership to mitigate the effects of cognitive biases
  • Understand the role of emotions and ethics in decision making
  • Develop tools to improve individual and organizational decision making

Motivating Employees
Negotiation Skills

Negotiate with confidence

  • Improve your skills no matter your level of experience
  • Explore how gender and culture affect the negotiation process
  • Fully integrate negotiation skills into your most effective professional self
  • Train with a select group of top professionals from diverse industries, backgrounds, and cultures
  • Gain both the emotional intelligence and situation awareness that makes it possible to adjust your
    strategy in real time

The Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence is in a class by itself within the category of negotiations seminars. It will provide you with individualized, personality-based insights as well as a detailed map of the hidden psychology underlying negotiation moves and tactics. You will come away with both enhanced negotiation capabilities and the confidence you need to apply these skills effectively in every aspect of your life.

The workshop attracts managers and executives making transitions to leadership roles that require negotiation skills as well as seasoned negotiation professionals. No matter what your role or level of experience, you will learn how to build collaborative relationships as you successfully negotiate deals, disputes, budgets, and new initiatives.

Participants have reported that this program transformed them professionally. Decades later, they write that it was a turning point in their careers.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking
Sales Fundamentals
Supervising Others
Teamwork and Team Building

Teams drive organizational progress, yet forming and leading high-performance teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader. Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams is a unique leadership program for executives that combines the best insights from research and case studies, tested in the context of hands-on, experiential learning.

Through cross-functional team building and an enhanced ability to lead high-performing teams, this program places executives in settings and contexts that will change the way they experience leadership.

  • Leading High-Performing Teams Program Highlights & Benefits
  • Gain hands-on experience in building, participating on, and leading teams in diverse contexts
  • Understand how team leadership resides in action rather than position
  • Manage strong individual players within a team and draw out the best from everyone — so that the team is more than a sum of its parts
  • Build a peer network of fellow leaders for sharing challenges, insights, and perspectives

Time Management
Train the Trainer
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Harassment