Doctor Of Business Administration (PhD/DBA)

PhD/DBA Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (PhD/DBA) degree requires 66 graduate semester credits beyond the Master’s degree. The dissertation preparation courses account for 12 of the total required credits. A comprehensive exam is required prior to approval of the dissertation proposal. APU offers doctoral business degree (Phd/DBA) in four areas of concentration, allowing students the opportunity to focus on what is meaningful to their professional growth and development:


Many Phd/DBA students choose a concentration for their degree. A Phd/DBA concentration requires core courses in the curriculum which are tailored to the field of business the student has worked in already or intends to work in after completing their studies. The concentration will be the area of focus for the student’s doctoral project.

  • Strategic Management (APU Code: 5001)* |* A general PhD/DBA is designed to give you a broad look at the different aspects of what it takes to work in many areas of the business field. Courses will give you the chance to study foundation business concepts, such as ethics and business research.
  • Global Management (APU Code: 5010) A PhD/DBA with a concentration on the concept of international business as a system and the theories which underlie it; institutions which are visual evidence of it; production, marketing, financial, legal, and other subsystems which comprise the total system. It also examines national governmental and international institutional controls and constraints, which impact the environment in which the system operates.
  • Behavioral Science (APU Code: 5020)* |* The PhD/DBA with a concentration in Behavioral Science understands the psychological aspects of human behavior in organizations. It explores the cognitive processes, especially decision-making and communication, through systematic analysis of human behavior. Unlike social scientists, behavioral scientists collect empirical data and use experimental methods, including testing, controls, and manipulated settings.
  • Management Science (APU Code: 5030)* |* The PhD/DBA with a concentration in Management Science is an interdisciplinary study of problem-solving and decision-making in human organizations. Due to its links to economics, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and other sciences, management science employs various scientific research-based principles, strategies, and advanced analytical methods to build rigorous and systematic models. The main purpose of applying the management science approach is to improve an organization’s ability to make rational and meaningful management decisions.